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join Travel Tours from Budapest
or any other location with Hungarian language support

I have my favorable places on Earth, that I visited not once, I can assist you with tailoring your own vacation, or offering you to join tours that were created by me and my colleagues for having unforgettable fun, amazing and unforgettable experience together.

I organize trips where everything is tailored to satisfy all possible demands, where you don't only relax, but also spend time with benefit, meet like-minded people and discover new opportunities, new strength in yourself.
These are the trips where every day is special, not like the previous one, and unforgettable experience and long-lasting pleasant memories are guaranteed. 

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Individually tailored programs for exploring Bali.
Tours will include all the best places in Bali and activities. See a sample of 2 weeks Bali vacation plan. 


Adventurous program of new Bali experience: surfing, wakeboarding, cliff jumping, rafting, volcano climbing, snorkeling, dolphin watching. Don't miss this unforgettable extreme experience in Bali!


Aerial hoop, stretching and other sports, super girly programs, beautiful sandy beaches and a lot of relaxation will be awaiting you!

Let's spend 7 days together on the Maldives! 

What are the benefits of joining our tours

New acquaintances
This is an opportunity to come alone and find new friends, because groups gather according to their interests.

Unique program
This is an opportunity to see the most beautiful, unbeaten, "non-touristic" locations, because the route and program of each tour is developed individually by the organizer.

Help from A to Z
Before the start of the tour, a chat of participants is created, where you get to know each other. All organizational moments are discussed in advance. You won't face an unexpected situation during the trip.

Spirit of Adventure
This is an opportunity to take an outstanding travel experience - to go on an adventure where every day is full of impressions and different from the previous.

The most beautiful pictures
During the tour we will take a lot of pictures, no one will leave without the most beautiful photo on Instagram 😀

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