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The realm of eternal Christmas in Szentendre, Hungary

In the Hubay house in Szentendre, better known as the Christmas Museum, it is Christmas all year round.

Even in summer, you can buy ornaments while listening to Christmas carols or admire the Christmas decorations from the last century.

Chistmas Museum
Chistmas Museum in Szentendre

In January, we finally managed to get to the Christmas Museum in Szentendre - you can rightfully say that it is better late than never, but we tried to get in twice in December and both times there was a long queue at the entrance, so we headed for the mulled wine stands instead.

However, as soon as the Christmas madness was over, we easily entered this cute Christmas museum and shop, which is only a few steps away from the main square - and it's a great news that the entry is free!

Chistmas Museum szentendre
Chistmas Museum

It's a wonderful little place, our Christmas mood came back immediately after seeing the bunnies, polar bears and beavers, who were dancing at the entrance.

Chistmas Museum in Szentendre
Chistmas Decorations

In addition to buying beautiful Christmas decorations, angels, Santa Clauses, and nutcrackers here, visitors are also welcome to an exhibition, where you can see 100-150-year-old decorations in the display cases, as well as an old chritmas fondant from 1870 in pretty good condition.

Chistmas Museum
Old Christmas Ornaments

And, of course, the tradition of sending postcards is revived by old Christmas greeting cards, which, unfortunately, is now completely disappearing.

You will surely recognize a lot of decorations from your childhood, and you will be able to identify roughly when the family bought them. For example, we have a cottage ornament at home that we knew was old, but we didn't even suspect that it could have been manufactured in the 1920s.

Chistmas Museum ornaments
Old Christmas Ornaments

After we eagerly looked at the exhibition, we threw ourselves into the shopping, knowing that it would be at least 11 months before we could hang the purchased items on the tree, but we didn't mind, it's hard to resist so many beautiful or even cute, sometimes almost kitschy things.

Chistmas Museum
Chistmas Museum

My favorites are the sledding cats, they are so cute and funny.

Chistmas Museum cats
cat christmas ornaments

Of course, I didn't miss taking a photo with the Nutcracker standing at the entrance, so a great Christmas photo was created this way in January.I can use it next year maybe :) I think I will go back in the summer to finally have a Christmas photo in summer clothes and beach slippers :)

Chistmas Museum nutcracker
Me in the Chistmas Museum

I hope I managed to recall a little of the Christmas atmosphere and get you in the mood to visit the Christmas museum in Szentendre.

Chistmas Museum
Chistmas Museum

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The realm of eternal Christmas in Szentendre, Hungary



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