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The most colorful temple in Bali

Come with me to a rare Chinese temple in Bali, the Ling Gwan Kiong Temple in northern Bali.

Ling Gwan Kiong Temple Bali
Ling Gwan Kiong Temple

ing Gwan Kiong is an old Chinese temple located in Singaraja, North Bali, close to the old port, just 15 minutes from Lovina.

The temple was built in 1873, yet it shines in the most vivid colors imaginable, and it is no coincidence that more and more tourists are starting to visit it - although when we got there, there was no one there except for us.

Ling Gwan Kiong Temple Bali Singaraja
Ling Gwan Kiong Temple

Ling Gwan Kiong's name translates as the Palace of Power - more than a hundred years ago, this temple was used as a sacred place for Chinese followers of Buddhist Tridharma.

Locals refer to the temple as klenteng, a term used for Chinese Buddhist temples.

The wonderful mini-gardens and brightly colored wall paintings - in which the lucky red and gold dominate - define the atmosphere of the temple.

Ling Gwan Kiong Temple
Ling Gwan Kiong Temple

An ornate bridge spanning the lotus ponds leads to the main temple building, whose hand-painted wooden doors depict Chinese gods. Pink and white lotus flowers can be admired in the lake.

There is no entrance fee, but there is a donation box, and people are expected to drop in a small amount , to show their appriciation.

In the inner part of the temple, the believers light incense and pray in front of the altar, a few of them arrived just right after we did, so we were lucky to see this as well.

Ling Gwan Kiong Temple
Inside Ling Gwan Kiong Temple

The walls of the temple are decorated with Chinese zodiac signs and scenes from the Ming Dynasty.

Ling Gwan Kiong Temple
Ling Gwan Kiong Temple

The special feature of the temple - and my absolute favorite - is that we can meet old turtles roaming freely on the tiled floor, around the terracotta pots filled with water. By the way, turtles are symbols of longevity.

Ling Gwan Kiong Temple
Turtles in Ling Gwan Kiong Temple

If you visit North Bali, don't miss this temple!

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Ling Gwan Kiong Temple
Ling Gwan Kiong Temple

The most colorful temple in Bali



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