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Wine lovers' paradise in the Buda Castle / Budapest Wine Festival

The Budapest Wine Festival has now opened its doors for the 31st time in the Budavári Palace, waiting for its visitors with excellent wines, quality services, the usual elegance and a fairy-tale environment on September 8-11. (update : in 2023 the festival will be held between 7-10 September )

Budapest Wine Festival by szilviagal
Budapest Wine Festival

We visited the wine festival yesterday. On the way there, we were hit by a huge storm, but the weather was kind to us, and by the time we got there, the sun was already out. This is one of my favorite events in the city, over the years it rarely happened that I missed it for some reason, so I was really looking forward to it, as usual.

Budapest by szilviagal - travel influencer
Budapest wine festival by SzilviaGal

The wine festival is in the Buda Castle, which is undergoing a huge transformation so that it can shine in its original splendor.

Entrance tickets cost HUF 5,900 for Thursday, HUF 6,400 for Friday and Saturday, and HUF 5,500 for Sunday, and there is also a 4-day pass for HUF 10,900. There was no queue at the entrance, I think thanks to the fact that we got there early enough.

Szilvia Galdi - Hungarian travel influencer. Top Hungarian influencers
Szilvia Galdi - Hungarian travel influencer

The atmosphere was great, we could taste fine wines - including Vinagora medal awarded wines - and champagnes and sparkling wines. Countless wineries are present, it was always very difficult to choose the right one, but we always left satisfied.

Travel influencer marketing by Szilvia Galdi
Budapest Wine Festival by SzilviaGal

First, we started in the Lion's Court - which you can recognize from the huge lion statue at the gate, and which is my favorite, and starting from there we walked around the festival.

Travel ifluencer SzilviaGal. Top Hungarian influencers. travel blog
Budapest Wine Festival

Budapest traveller. Travel blog by Szilvia Galdi
Budapest Wine Festival by SzilviaGal

The big and well-known wineries are present, as well as many smaller ones, even unknown to me, we tried to taste both popular and less known wines.

Explore Budapest with Szilvia Galdi - travel blogger, travel influencer
Budapest Wine Festival by SzilviaGal

After a while, we got hungry, so we got our usual cheese plate, with many delicious cheese specialties, and later I also had an oyster. Quite a divisive dish, I know, but I really like it. Fans of Hungarian dishes and flavors will also find many opportunities to their liking, for example sausages - we also ate a fried sausage before leaving.

The location - as always, is simply perfect and it looks like it is from a fairy tale, perhaps even more atmospheric in the evening than during the day.

Travel blogger Szilvia Galdi
Budapest with SzilviaGal

We had a great time and will definitely come again next year!

Did you visit the Wine Festival this year?



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